HD/4K Live Video Streaming

 Nothing is more engaging than a live feed. Investing in a 3 HD camera crew to shoot your meetings or product launch gives you the opportunity to stream it online, opening up the knowledge to a wider, international audience, allowing them to get excited about hearing your news as it breaks.

It creates an aspect of accessibility that will prove your brand is thoughtful, innovative and in sync with clients’ online needs, especially the ones half way across the globe.

Acam Video have a tried and tested multi camera broadcast unit, with graphics that can be streamed live on the internet, either through Pay Per View to your dedicated website or through YouTube HD. Be it sport or your new product launch we have you covered. No big trucks to worry about for parking at venues all our system comes in flyaway cases, Basic package consists of 3 cameramen with HD kit, a director/vision mixer, streaming/graphics operator, talkback to each camera, and a sound engineer.


More cameras available at extra cost.


All you need to stream full HD live your new product launch/corporate event from the venue to your website or your YouTube channel, is a dedicated wired (Not Wi-Fi) broadband line with a minimum 5mb up/down un-contended.



Award winning broadcast quality presenters/commentators.

Professional Photography

Professional Voice over artist with recording studio

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